People and Companies are Constantly Connecting Online Increasing connectivity demands advanced advertising concepts Finding answers to improving awareness is the key to our businesses WeChat Is he Fastest Growing Social Media Platform In The World The First Marketing Platform Targeting the Chinese Community Through Social Media Pinmo Inspiring New Moments

Designed and developed with precision using the latest targeting AI technology. Pinmo provides the perfect channel for businesses to connect with Chinese consumers both locally and internationally.

Taking Your Advertising Further

How much has social networking and technology change the way you advertise?

Pinmo was created through an official partnership with WeChat, as well as Evilnut Creative Technology. Therefore, Pinmo has the full access of user behaviour and purchasing data from WeChat’s 1.1 billion users internationally, over 3 million users in Canada.

Using our robust tracking system, each individual campaign is fully managed and monitored. Together with millions of WeChat users and our influencer partners, Pinmo unleashes the full potential of your advertising budget.

The Case Study

Pinmo & Starbucks

Pinmo launched a long-term campaign with Starbucks; every user who shared this campaign had a chance to win a free Starbucks gift card!

274% Return on Investment

  • 645

    Unique Pinmo users that have shared this campaign to their WeChat moments.

  • 5792

    REAL and ACTIVE users that have clicked into the landing page we built for this campaign.

  • 251862

    WeChat users have seen this campaign on WeChat Moments.

All Case Studies

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You Only Pay for Results

Powerful Technologies to guarantee the Best Ads

We provide the services that help you solve your current digital marketing problems, targeted to the specifications of each individual consumer.

  • No clicks, no fee

    CPC(Cost per Click) and CPA(Cost per Action) models, you only pay for user actions and generate leads.

  • Start with a small budget

    Your costs will depend on what you are trying to accomplish with your advertising.

  • Tracking System

    Accurate tracking data on impressions, clicks and conversions.

  • Fraud Protection

    No fake account or clicks, every clicks you get is from a real active user.

  • Competitive Pricing

    We guarantee the lowest average CPC and the highest return on investment.

  • Full Management

    Custom design every campaign, with best interface and contents.

  • No additional fees

    Every dollar you spend will be visible and traceable, and you can pay as you go.

  • The Dashboard

    The dashboard will display the ad format and the info of real users that click on the ad.

See the dashboard

The Formats of Ad

  • WeChat Offical Ads (CPM)

    If you ever want to grow your business overseas or have it promoted across Canada, try the official ad system where the ads are integrated into WeChat moments automatically. This system is the most powerful tool to sell your brand to China.

    Pinmo Ads(CPC)

    The Pinmo system can target potential consumers with the highest degree of accuracy. Any business can market with any level of budget.

  • 1. Moment description - Max 200 characters to describe everything about your ad.

    2. Advertising images are displayed as a combination of pictures, videos and link that the user can interact with.

    3. Advertising links will redirect to your ad landing page which gives more details and call-to-action for potential consumers.

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