Social Media Marketing
When getting found is no longer enough, and more engagement with customers is desired for your business, we incorporate social media marketing into your overall digital marketing strategy. Through social media, we are able to narrow down to your target audience based on their interests, and craft content that further encourage engagement between your brand and your customers, consequently increasing end-goal conversions. Whether it’s buying Ads on different social media platforms, or managing your business’s social community, the Evilnut team is here to help.
Search Engine Marketing
We help customers find you on Google. As the most widely used “ask a question tool” in the world, it is imperative for your business to be found on the Google Search Engine. With so many websites on the web, 3 out of every 4 websites do not appear on the first page of Google, rendering their website lost in space. Our job is to make sure that your carefully crafted digital identity can be found easily by your potential customers. We research and develop sound SEO and SEM strategies to make sure your business ranks on the first page. Our marketing team and website team also work together to make sure the strategy not only bring people to your website, but also is optimized to increase conversions.
Chinese Digital Marketing
The Chinese market has become a major market for most businesses due to its high one-time spending power, and its frequent purchasing behaviour. To many local businesses, this is an untapped opportunity that has a very high entry barrier and requires lots of resources to expand into. Evilnut makes this much easier with our specialized Chinese marketing team. We work with Chinese platforms like Baidu, WeChat and Weibo to help your business capture Chinese customers. From strategy to localization of content; social community management to Ad buying, we do them all.
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