Program Overview

In order to recognize, encourage, and develop entrepreneurship and innovation in B.C.’s start-up technology sector, for tech companies or tech startups in B.C. who hire interns and students for tech roles, there are a myriad of career grants available to subsidize for their salary and training.
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Why SR&ED is important?

3 Billion/year to Canada enterprise

Tax Incentive and Refundable Cash

Recover up to 64% of their R&D spend

What we will do and offer?

SR&ED Application Preparation

Free verification about your projects in which meet the requirements
of SR&ED program.

Collecting and managing project documents

Drawing up unique technology reports for your own business

Giving the professional financial advices for your project

Educating claimant while encountering the audit

Who can and will apply this program

Basic requirements

Your company is over 1 year Canadian company

Claim has to be made up within 18 months after the fiscal year end

Qualifying wages and salaries

Broadly applicable

Industry categories

  • Engineering and Technology
  • Agriculture
  • Environment
  • Sciences
  • Manufacturing

Frequently Asked Question

We help develop and create Canadian enterprises through business strategy, digital marketing, and financial side. Since the beginning and exploring your business is not always easy, we also assist various companies to apply over 20 kinds of grants, loan or funds.

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program use tax incentives to encourage Canadian businesses of all sizes and in all sectors to conduct research and development in Canada.

Whoever owns a company in Canada may have chances apply for this program. We offer 1 hour free consultation for you, please contact us for more information. Moreover, there is various programs that could maximize the potential of your business.

The tax incentives help Canadian company start, grow and expand your businesses. Making most opportunities and benefits to develop your company

The failed application will not affect your company in any field. You still have chance to approve your project, please contact us for making your own application plan.

A failed project is not affecting the application process

The requirements are depending on different fund programs. Each of them have individual qualifications. After you finish the tool, you will receive a result which has more details and specific requirements. If you still feel confused or have more questions please contact us for more information.

We have a Free Business assessment tool that helps you find out the acceptable fund programs for your own business. The tool only takes a few steps to get your results. —- (business assessment link)

The technology company is not the only category which acceptable for the SR&ED program. It depends on whether your project is fitted in the CRA sciences field. (see question 10)

Referring to the guide info from the government, the categories below shows the primary field that meets the qualification

1. Natural and formal sciences
2. Engineering and technology
3. Medical and health sciences
4. Agricultural sciences
Reference from the government website: Appendix 1-Field of Science or Technology Codes. t4088-15e.pdf

Assuming you submit your SR&ED claim within a six-month time frame after your fiscal year-end, the following processing times apply upon receipt of a complete claim:

  • Refundable claims which have been accepted as filed will be processed within 3-4 months of the date of receipt
  • Refundable claims selected for review will be completed within 180 calendar days of the date of receipt

Salary cap is depending on different programs. Please see more information or contact us now.

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