A New Dynamic: Chat Bots

Robots, artificial intelligence, and technology are often the subject matter of several controversial conversations. So much so that they’ve fueled numerous episodes from the dystopian Netflix TV show, Black Mirror, igniting many people’s techno-paranoia.  Now combine those three – robots, artificial intelligence, and technology – and you’ve got chat bots. Mwhahaha 😈. Just kidding, chat bots aren’t actually scary at all and shouldn’t intimidate you. I mean, look how cute they look 🤖.

“Hi there! My name is Alex. How can I help you today?” If you’ve ever stumbled upon a website with a chat platform, chances are … you’re not talking to a real person *dramatic gasp.* Yup, you heard that right. You, my friend, are talking to an intelligent robot programmed with algorithms and functions to know exactly what and how to respond. It sounds pretty sad and lonely now that you know you’re talking to a robot, huh 🤭. But it’s fineee, we’ve all probably been there before. And hey, robots do a pretty good job of replicating human interaction.

What are Chat Bots and How Do I Use Them?

Chat bots. Although they’ve been around for a while now, they’re starting to pick up buzz and interest in the world of digital marketing. In fact, according to data from Google Trends, search volumes surrounding chat bots have grown as much as 19 times within the past five years. 19. Talk about an increase in buzz!

But, what exactly are chat bots? Sadly for some, they aren’t physical robots that converse with us to make us feel less lonely HAHAHAHA 😂. What they are is computer programs built to emulate human intelligence in online chatting or conversations – which I guess could be used to make us feel less lonely. But I digress.

If your business uses Facebook, one of the easiest ways to integrate chat bots into your social media strategy is through Messenger. Onto your business page, you can actually integrate and install chat bots that allow your customers to have automated conversations – even when you’re away! By having this function integrated, your customers can seamlessly and easily interact with your business to buy tickets, get directions, see menus, schedule appointments, ask common questions, and more! Imagine all of the tasks you could automate for your business – the possibilities are endless. 

Just like Facebook, Twitter offers these chat bot options as well. Whether you choose to integrate chat bots on Facebook or Twitter (or maybe even both!) depends on your specific customers and where they’re connected to you the most.

Why Use Social Media Chat Bots?

If you’re a traditionalist, I know you’ll need a little bit of convincing – especially if you’re skeptical of automation processes and anything to do with technology. So, we’ve got some reasons for you that should encourage you to want to implement chat bots. And no, don’t worry, the robots aren’t going to take over the world.

1. Create Better Customer Experiences

If you’ve ever conversed with a chat bot, you might remember how surprised you were to find how natural, seamless, and personalized the entire experience felt. If you haven’t, try this one out for fun! You might find yourself actually having fun and being amused 🤭. Features like this enhance the experience your customers have with your brand – which is always a good thing!

Furthermore, because the bot is intelligently programmed, it can even suggest future purchasing decisions for your customers based on their previous purchasing history. Who wouldn’t like that?! It’s like having Spotify’s very successful Discover Weekly feature, but for your business!

And as if that wasn’t enough, chat bots can easily be molded to coordinate well with any industry. All that’s required is to train the bot to provide the right conversation structure and flow to mold well with the industry. And that’s it! It’s that malleable!

2. Provide 24/7 Customer Support

Unlike human capabilities, chat bots are able to service your customers at all times, even when you’re busy. As humans, we all need sleep and rest. Even when you’re resting, dozing off, and counting sheep, chat bots can help answer any questions that your customers might have and service some of their needs. This is even more beneficial when you’re a global business and time zones stand in the way between you and your customers.

By offering these after-hour services, you no longer have to leave your customers waiting for a response. We’ve all been through that excruciatingly painful struggle of being put on hold to speak with a representative, and you definitely don’t want your business to be on the other end 😳.

3. Save Time and Money

This reason should make sense. Automating processes saves your business time, money, and gives you less things to worry about. What business owner wouldn’t want that??

Because bots are bots after all, they can communicate with thousands of customers at the same time – which people generally can’t do.

Most of the time, bots also automate repetitive processes that can be tedious and time consuming for humans to engage in. By featuring bots, your employees can save time, focus on what’s most important, and be more productive.

Given these reasons, chat bots are evidently one way to support your corporate social media strategy. However, bear in mind that your strategy shouldn’t be founded on only foundation, but should incorporate a mix of other tactics such as pay per click marketing (ahem, use Pinmo hehe), live streaming, blogs, and other forms of content production!