Why It’s Important to Have a Creative Mind (Especially as an Adult!)

The Racetrack We Called Our Carpet

They say that as we mature, we tend to lose our creativity. Unfortunately, for most people this is very true (and an actual science!) Most of us are no longer able to imagine the jungle of our living room as we’re being chased by the hungry tiger (role played by our brothers) or the hot lava burning and flowing on the floor as we avidly avoid the hardwood tiles of our childhood home, or even playing on the racetrack we called our carpet.

Now, the only thing we can ever imagine anymore lives in our dreams, and sometimes not even that – sadly, some people can’t ever remember their dreams.

The cold reality is that we lose our vivid imaginations as we mature and grow older. Maybe it’s because we don’t value our creativity anymore. Maybe it’s because we’ve adapted our adult life to conform. Or maybe it’s because we no longer challenge ourselves to think outside of the box. Whatever the reason is, the fact is that most of us have lost touch with our youthful minds.

But the thing is, having an artistic mind is just as important when you’re 5 as it when you’re 35. In fact, “creativity defines our ability to be successful in the workplace, and is the only factor to differentiate ourselves from robots.” In any workplace (and even more so in marketing!) it defines our ability to be fruitful and prosperous. As a marketer, you need to let your imagination take front and center in your message, deliverance, and product offering.

The Effects of Aging on Creativity

As we become older, three things happen:

  1. We mindlessly determine effective tactics that work best for us in challenging situations.
  2. We adapt to social norms and accepted ways of thinking.
  3. We gravitate towards things that make us both more successful and less creative.

Naturally, “adulting” has propelled this tragic process and caused us to drift away from many innovative opportunities. But as a marketer, you need to understand that we should actually be embracing any of these opportunities – even silly ones as those are the ones that are going to attract your audience’s attention the most!

You want your target audience to understand and need your product or service. But how exactly do you go about doing that?  Simple. Think outside of the box.

Being creative consists of two components: originality and expressiveness. By marketing your product with originality, it makes it memorable and stand out, which means that your audience remembers your product for longer and understands its relevance. By expressively marketing your product, it makes it feel inherently interesting, characterful, believable, and authentic. These two components are critical in effectively marketing your product ingeniously.

If you can’t even think of creative ways to instill your product with value, why would your audience be inclined to purchase it, let alone even consider purchasing it? As a marketer, you need to be able to think with an imagination as vivid as your 10-year-old self. Creativity is the most important tool for the success of a business. So, you need to practice your artistic mind as much as possible and think outside of the box.