Not Another One …

The internet is filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of articles, blogs, and how-to’s on the topic of social media alone. At this point, I bet you’re probably even thinking yay another social media blog post (in your sarcastic tone). But that’s where you’re wrong. We’re going to make this one a little more fun and interesting mwhahaha 😜.

By now, you’ve probably figured out that your business not only should, but needs to engage in some form of “on-trend” marketing. That means, don’t focus on those newspaper columns that just end up getting thrown into the recycling bin (I hope! Don’t trash your paper, guys!) within five seconds of a quick skim through by your audience. With newspapers obviously out, you should focus on trends like social media marketing. That’s only a logical and competitive thing to do, right? If all of your competition is on social media, why wouldn’t you be on it either? It’d almost be like you’re asking to fall behind.

9 Hours on What??

While it depends on your specific target audience, I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of them spend a significant portion of their time on social media. In fact, for American teenagers, they spend NINE hours on their mobile devices on social media, streaming, and socializing. That’s insane. If these teens sleep for 8 hours a day, they are on their mobile devices for 56% of their awake time. That’s more than half of their time conscious and awake on their mobile devices…

I think I’ve made my case in point. With the majority of your audience spending a significant amount of time on social media, why wouldn’t you want to advertise on social media? That’s where you will likely receive the most exposure, conversions, and returns … which are all good things for your business.

A Digital Marketing Revolution: Pinmo

To help you in the game of social media marketing, say hello to your new best friend, Pinmo. Pinmo is an app that drives your business to spread farther, engage better, and perform better ROI. All things you, as a marketer, would want 😉. For you, Pinmo re-invents the relationship you have with your average social media user and captures their attention in an unparalleled kind of way.

How? Well, we’ll tell you how. (Hint, it’s an easy walk in the park 😎).

As a marketer, you can either create your own campaign to be shared or have us design and work on the content for you. Once this first step is completed, your social media audience will have a chance to browse through your campaign(s) and share the ones they like the best and want to share with their own circle of friends! The difference from any other social media marketing method is that your audience receives a real cryptocurrency Token for every share and engagement they get. And who wouldn’t want that just for sharing?? Like really, it’s too easy to pass up on.

Once you’ve finished your campaign, you can track your progress and results through our dashboard. And that’s it. See! We told you it’d be easy 😁.

And on top of this, our entire platform and system are based on a decentralized application. If you’re not familiar with this concept, no worries. Essentially, it means that all of our technology and data is stored in a distributed digital ledger that securely records data pertaining to all the actions in your campaign. Every time a successful campaign is completed, a record will exist of all the actions that occurred to spend that budget, which verifies the credibility and security of the distribution. So, with our decentralized application, you can rest assure that your data is safe and secure.

For more information, check out our website at 😌.