Just Do It: Social Media Marketing Pt. 2

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … And welcome back! Our first installment of Social Media Marketing covered some of the rewarding benefits of social media for your business. However, we didn’t have time to cover as many as we wanted to, so that’s what today is for! We’ll feature some more benefits to social media marketing that you may not (or may have already 🤭) known about. We hope you’re ready hehe 😬.

Sometimes, it feels as if social media marketing is just too good to be true … I mean, it essentially costs next to nothing for your business compared to other marketing methods and has a substantial (and boy, do I mean substantial) user base, among several other valuable advantages. According to Statista, in Canada, there were 22.69 million people using social media in 2017 when the population was at 36.71 million. Whoa. One, that’s not even counting for the fact that most of them are using multiple platforms. Two, that’s over half of the population using social media. Hopefully, this is something that your business is already using to your advantage.

As promised, we’ll highlight some more of our favourite social media marketing benefits. Let’s start!

1. Development of a Community

Social media is capable of a multitude of things. One of our favourites is its ability to create a sense of community among brands and people around the world who may not even know each other personally. The fact that something can gather and unite so many different people together boggles us like crazy!

One of the most successful marketing campaigns is hosted by the global corporation, Coca-Cola. In fact, you may have even participated in it yourself. In 2015, Coca-Cola released their “Share a Coke” campaign that featured their bottles with the label of “Share a Coke with” followed by a generic name referencing your friends, family, significant other, or whoever else – you name it! These bottles sparked the interest of people around the world as they shared their experiences and stories on social media with the hashtag #ShareaCoke. Those who shared their stories had a chance to have their photos featured on Coca-Cola’s website and even across Coca-Cola billboards. Talk about incentives for community engagement! Coca-Cola fostered a sense of community with their customers by helping build shareable stories (and bottles 😜!)

2. Unbiased Reviews

Building on the concept of community, social media allows your customers to share and publish online reviews on what they think of your business and your products or services. Now, while this is definitely a benefit, you do have to caution that because these reviews are honest, if people have issues with what you offer, they could make that heard too. However, if they love it, that’s great for business and builds your reputation.

Regardless of what people say about your business online (and offline), reviews give you the opportunity to monitor these comments, learn from them, and improve your business based on these remarks. One of the best ways to show your customers that they are important to you is to listen to them and their needs 😌.

3. Advanced Targeting

With all the options available on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you can engage in very advanced targeting for your business (so you don’t attract and pay to advertise towards the wrong target! That’s just not very efficient and effective for you.) If you do know exactly who you want your product (or service) to reach and what they need, you will be very pleased with the several options that these platforms offer. You can target locations, ages, interests, behaviours, connections, education level, and many more!

Also, with a clear understanding of your target market, you can figure out how to better solve their needs and/or problems. For a very detailed and helpful guide on advanced targeting, check out what we found from Neil Patel! Super helpful and useful to reach exactly who you want to reach!

With all these valuable reasons, it’s hard not to love social media marketing! We’re here to help your business become ready for a new digital revolution. If you have any questions regarding social media, marketing, or just want to talk, email us at service@pinmo.ca.